Rehberg Management Group


Rehberg Management Group is a leading career management consulting firm, serving clients throughout the U.S. With headquarters in the Greater Boston area, we work with corporations in a wide variety of industries as well as professional, managerial and executive clients from a variety of functions and fields.

Our services include corporate-sponsored outplacement, executive coaching and individual career consultingas well as speeches, presentations and workshops on career and workplace-related topics.

Some of the ways we may differ from traditional firms are:


While many firms claim they customize their services, we live up to that promise. Our reputation is based on treating each client as an individual, not as a body to be pushed through a process—what many have dubbed “the cookie-cutter approach.” Our advice is intensely personalized and always in the best interests of the individual. On that, we never compromise.


As many firms move to a more streamlined approach, we continue to provide two key deliverables to our clients: time and attention. We take the time necessary to really listen to a client’s needs and goals. And the client gets our full attention when they are receiving services. We purposely keep our client loads low in order to guarantee this level of service.


We believe that there is good career advice and bad career advice. And unfortunately, much of the advice that is out there is bad. There is a right way to strategically pursue career and/or development goals and with our guidance, the client never wastes time engaging in activities which have little or no ROI.


A hallmark of our approach is the energy and enthusiasm we bring to our client engagements. Any career-related intervention can be a challenging time for individuals. Many clients report feeling substantially energized and invigorated to tackle challenges after each meeting with us.


Clients receive frank, candid feedback and business-savvy advice, what we call “cut-to-the-chase conversations.” The net result? Not only are clients pleased with the quality of our services but most importantly, they end up happier and more successful professionally.